In today’s revolutionized industry of supplementation, it is easy to get daunted by the many labels and brands that claim easier and more effective muscle mass gain. Each one of the bottles that you see in the market would promise you the best results and frankly, there is nothing wrong with good marketing. However, as a muscle builder myself, how do I play the game smart and attain the absolute best results in gaining muscles? What is one supplement I can rely on and say that yes, this actually works for me and my workout lifestyle!

The good thing about the internet these days is, we can definitely gain access in scientific journals and sports features that would talk about various supplements that helped a lot of athletes, bodybuilders and even body muscle enthusiasts. One prominent supplement that almost everybody recommends is Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). Why do they claim its effectiveness? Let’s find out!

What Is BCAA?

BCAA refers to a string of amino acids, or building blocks of proteins that is viewed by many as the most important component in building, repairing and strengthening muscle tissues. BCAA is composed of three types of amino acids, namely leucine (which is the most significant part of the chain as it aids in the production of new muscle tissues independently), isoleucine, and valine.

The thing about these amino acids is, as essential they are in producing new muscles in the body, we need to be able to consume them in our diet to nourish our needs, as our bodies are not capable of producing it. Usually found in most protein sources, the dilemma now is, how do you get the right nourishment that you need when you are on a strict diet in your work out?

Reducing The Detrimental Effects Of Catabolism

So science tells us that our body is either in anabolic – which means recovery, or catabolic – which means breakdown stage. The cycle is disrupted when we work out as the muscles literally cannibalize themselves during the workout period – this added by the effects of malnourishment due to dieting, can do more harm than good for the person working out. What is good about BCAA is it helps aid protein synthesis in order to balance the anabolic and catabolic stages of the body. Balance of synthesis and breakdown promotes the growth of healthier cells thus leaner and healthier muscles. It is also interesting to note that it also deters breakdown, as it affects our bodies in a cellular level.

Added Bonus: Increased Workout Intensity For Greater Limits

When we work out, our bodies secrete serotonin, a chemical neurotransmitter that tells your body that it is in fatigue and you need to relax. To trigger the secretion of this hormone, an important amino acid, tryptophan needs to be absorbed by the brain. BCAAs compete against tryptophan when entering the brain, resulting to the delay of our bodies’ perception of fatigue. This means that you are able to push yourself in your absolute limits every time you work out, allowing for more intensity and strength routines to be done more frequently and easily.

BCAAs are very helpful as it has wondrous effects that would help you achieve that “Macho Papa Look”. As a man, we take pride on being admired for our efforts and hard work; even if it means that they look into our physique and be a little envious about the dream chiseled body that we have. Why just settle for the traditional way of muscle building if BCAA can help you get that muscle bod you have always wanted faster?

Speaking of muscle gains, we may be aware that these workout sessions can be very tiring and strenuous, right? We usually take it like a man, but one goal that we have is to make these muscles that we build attract all the chicks around. Let’s be frank, a lot of us do it to get good game with the ladies too. We ultimately want to please them and get great orgasms as an ultimate reward. A good supplement to that is VigRX Plus, an all-natural supplement known to increase your desire to get off, provide you harder and thicker erections perfect for occasions when you need it.