Protein is the building block of all things related to muscle building or get-lean diet plan. We all know that we need eat either to build mass, or burn fat, but how do we know what type of protein is necessary to get the best results  that we want?

When we go to the market today, we see a lot of various choices in the form of a variety of different protein sources there is. We always have our whole foods like beef, fish, dairy and poultry to rely on and is a vital part of any muscle builder’s meal plan, but with today’s revolutionized standards of the supplement industry these past few decades, there has been a rise of a plethora of other instant sources of proteins like powders, bars, and even ready-made shakes to make protein easily more accessible and concentrated. How do we know which one is the best there is for you? Let’s look at some details about essential proteins that you need to know about.

Protein Bars

Convenience is a pretty hefty deal nowadays. Going to the gym itself takes a lot of time and effort, and for a simple man like us, preparing meals before and after simply becomes too time consuming at best. This is where protein bars come in. These snacks are great when you simply need to hurry and want to chow down on an instant meal or when you know that the office cafeteria won’t give a healthy option for your strict diet. These bars are loaded with proteins, carbs and fats that is needed to sustain yourself until the next healthy meal is available. If you are worried about too much calories, they have a low-carb version too. These bars usually have sugar alcohol in them, which are not readily absorbed by the body. Keep watch on eating too much though, as they are so much harder to absorb compared to the liquid variants, so eating them pre or post workout is not recommended.

Whey Protein

This type of protein really knows a whey to help you get those muscle gains faster (pun intended). When it comes to stimulating muscle buildup, nothing beats this protein, making this ideal to consume before and after workouts. Watch out for the best whey powders on the market – they usually have whey protein isolate (WPI) and/or why protein hydrolysates (WPH). These are the purest form of whey so they get absorbed by the body the easiest.

There are other variations of these proteins but what you really need to consider and think twice on is if you see the fat and carb content of these other whey proteins out there. Too much fat and carbs slow down the breakdown of protein therefore slowing down protein absorption too. While faster is better when it comes to protein absorption in most cases, it is different when you are in your natural recovery stages like when you are about to sleep. Slow digesting proteins, casein protein in this case, really does the job in just providing you a slow and steady trickle of protein in your reserves during your overnight fast. Studies even suggest that incorporating this type of protein with whey post workout really augments muscle building. You might want to take a look into buying whey with micellar casein, as that is the slowest-digesting casein of all.

There are still a lot of protein forms out there that you might want to explore and try out. It takes great research to really customize your diet plan according to your needs.

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